As the proverb goes- “ All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. The importance in games and sports encloses more than just the benefit of school activity. It increases the self-esteem for every school age child. Good exercise not only helps to build good physique for the boys and girls but also makes them mentally alert and physically strong. It helps the students to cope with difficult situations.
We at APS,PRTC promote physical activity from primary classes and encourage them to participate in various sports activities and competitions.

SPORTS DAY 2018-19 
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Army Public school PRTC celebrated its Annual sports day amidst camadarie, mirth, and verve and under the canopy of a frolicsome atmosphere. The chief guest for the event was Col CS Vardhan SM*, officiating commandant PRTC. The programme began with the principal Mrs mousumi dutta welcoming the esteemed gathering and presenting the annual report, highlighting the various academic milestones achieved.

The revered chief guest also took the salute of the impressive March past of the students, coupled with some stirring marching beats by the army band.
The students reaffirmed the spirit of the occasion with vim and vigour by the oath administered by the principal. An energizing display of the mass drill set the tone for the rest of the event .once the final races began, the air was filled with the tone of encouragement and cheering for the upcoming Milkhs Singhs' and Johnsons'.
The best March past trophy and the overall champion trophy was awarded to Subhash house.
The participation, support, performance by the budding athletes reinforced the saying, "victory is in the quality of competition and not the final score"


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" Visit to Sumangalis Sevashram by class XII & X".

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